NOTE:  Dr. Wallis is not currently offering assessment services.


What is a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is a process of investigating, exploring and testing that uses a combination of techniques (e.g., interviewing, tests, questionnaires) to identify strengths and needs of an individual in areas such as thinking, learning, attention, personality, social, emotional and behavioural functioning.

Adults who feel “stuck” or who are puzzled by recurrent difficulties in their lives may benefit from psychological assessments to explore and identify, in a systematic way, strengths and needs, current symptoms and coping strategies.  Assessment results can be extremely helpful in guiding treatment recommendations, with the ultimate goal of improving well-being.

Children/Adolescents/College & University StudentsChild psychologist Delia Wallis
Children, teens and college or university students may need a psychological assessment or psychoeducational assessment to identify and diagnose intellectual, learning, attention, memory, emotional and behavioural problems that may be interfering with learning and the achievement of academic potential, or social functioning.  Assessment reports are typically necessary within the school system, including college and university, in order for students to access certain specialized supports and services.  Assessment results guide treatment considerations.